The aim of this project was to create the Y&R 2015 calendar, exceeding all that we have done before in this regard. We started by exploring different ideas and approaches, deciding in the end to make it a collaborative effort, where everyone in the team can contribute their own outlook on the agency and what makes it unique. Handcrafting most of the ideas and designing the rest, this calendar allowed all our team members to create unique pieces of art, by weaving wool, arranging beautiful flowers and much more. The end result was a beautiful collaborative effort that the whole team is proud of, showing what really makes this agency outstanding.

Team Y&R Amman

Brief: To design our 2015 calendar. 
Challenge: Every year, Team Y&R comes up with an extremely creative calendar, so our challenge was outdoing ourselves with even an even more creative idea and executions.
Concept: What makes us shine as unique individuals, and how how it all comes together to create an outstanding agency.

- Country Manager: Ivan Milovanovic
- Head of Art / Photographer: Hazem Jweinat
- Senior Art Director: Mohammed Odeh
- 3D Artist: Khaled Alkayed
- Senior Graphic Designer: Mohammed Al Nazer
- Senior Graphic Designer: Eyad Al Omar
- Concept / Senior Graphic Designer: Rita Malekian
- Graphic Designer: Mirna Abu Aita

- Head of Copy: Naser AlKhalaileh
- Arabic Copywriter: Marwa Aqqad
- Jr. English Copywriter: Shatha Altrad
The Building Blocks | Concept  and execution by Mohammed Al Nazer 
The Wide Network | Concept and crafting by Eyad Al Omar
The Room to Flourish | Concept and crafting by Rita Malekian
The Colorful Ideas | Concept and crafting by Mirna Abu Aita
The Space to Grow | Concept and execution by Khaled Al Kayed
The Right People | Concept and crafting by Adam Fierman
The Love for Perfection | Concept and execution by Mohammed Odeh and Khaled Alkayed
The Flawless Rhythm | Concept and crafting by Mirna Abu Aita
The Perfect Synergy | Concept and execution by Khaled Alkayed
The Urge to Create | Concept  and crafting by Mirna Abu Aita
The Strokes of Genius | Concept by Ivan Milovanovic
The Close-Knit Family | Concept and crafting by Marwa Aqqad
What Makes Us Shine | Concept by Hazem Jweinat

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